Beside the Tangjia Gulf, ZHICC is located within the New Economy Development Harbor, a high-tech park accommodating dozens of R&D firms with space, utilities and campus-like environment. The center spans on the first floor of the west wing of Doctor Bulding, the main construction of the entire park. The building is straight against the intersection between Gang Wan Avenue and Hang Gong Da Road, and the park is about ten miles north to the downtown of Zhuhai.
Visitors can reach here from downtown areas either by bus or by taxi. Bus Lines 3, 10, 68, and 69 can take you directly to the Auto Racing Field Stop right beside the park from Xiangzhou ,..

Information of Training Courses

Subject £º
PADS Training for High Speed PCB Design  
Schedule £º
9:30am-16:30pm, September 28 th ,2006-9-25
Venue £º
Training Room, Zhuhai South IC DesignCenter,
Address £º
  Contact person£ºLiang Qiaojun